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Getting Married in Eastleigh Parish

Since first opening its doors in 1910 All Saints' church building has played host to thousands of marriages. If you choose to get married with us you will be sure of a warm welcome and friendly advice at all stages of the process. You might find it helpful to click through to this website and also this one. They have been prepared by the Church of England and are filled with useful information that you will no doubt be keen to hear about.

How Do We Arrange Our Weddings in Eastleigh Parish?

When you have had a good look at the information online that the Church of England provides (using the links in the paragraph above) please click here to get in touch with our Vicar, Revd Ian Fletcher. He will then arrange to meet with you both to begin making plans for your wedding. If you are unsure which church buildings you are entitled to get married in please click here to find out. You may be interested to know that we can perform marriages in both All Saints' and St Francis' church buildings here in Eastleigh.

Wedding Banns?

If you've begun to arrange your wedding somewhere other than Eastleigh but live in Eastleigh Parish you may have been told that you need to have your 'wedding banns' read in Eastleigh Parish. This is very simple to organise. Please ask the parish that you are getting married in to supply you with a 'banns form'. When it is filled in please drop it in to the parish office (details here). We will then 'read your banns' for 3 consecutive Sundays during the month before your wedding date at our 9:30am service. We will also pray for you and your wedding on these 3 occasions. For more information, please email here.

After the Wedding...

Long after the last 'thank you' card has been sent, your wedding vows will remain with you for the rest of your lives together. A wedding only lasts one day, but marriage is for a lifetime. Our commitment to your marriage will last far beyond the throwing of the confetti. For this reason we run courses like this one in Eastleigh Parish. All couples benefit from talking things through and learning how to listen to and love one-another better. Click here to get in touch with us if you'd be interested in finding out more about attending a marriage course. If you've been married for 5 minutes or 55 years taking a little time out together on a marriage course like this one can have the most wonderful benefits for your relationship.


None of us are immune to life's difficulties, and it is true that most marriages face severe trials at some point. Whether you were married in Eastleigh Parish or somewhere else we would like to offer help to you at any stage of your marriage. The Vicar (Ian) and his wife (Sue) can be contacted by clicking here and would be delighted to meet with you (either on your own or as a couple) to listen and pray.

Keeping Costs Down

If you are keen to make pounds and pence stretch as far as possible here are a few suggestions:

  • You don't have to get married on a Saturday afternoon. We can perform weddings on most days of the week (including Sunday afternoons) when reception venues are often quieter and can be willing to 'do a deal'.

  • We have 2 halls available for hire at extremely reasonable rates. If you'd like to find an alternative to very expensive reception venues why not consider hosting your party at St Francis' on Nightingale Avenue? There's lots of space for children to play outside on the grass, and it's easy for outside caterers to work in.

  • In the Bible we are told, "Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife." (Proverbs 17:1). The key to a successful wedding day is not money. Love and celebration are far more important. Don't let an overly-expensive wedding day mean that you start married life with an unnecsessary burden of debt.

  • You don't have to have a reception - it's not the law! But if you do there are lots of creative ways to organise cost-effective get-togethers for large groups of people. 5 minutes of internet searching might be worth its weight in gold! Try this site for a start.

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