"The Good Shepherd lays his life down for his sheep."

John 10:11

Jesus is our model in all things, including pastoral care. When we look at how Jesus cared for his disciples, we too can see how we are called to care for one-another. Sometimes, pastoral care can include providing practical help (like a lift to the hospital), whilst on other occasions it might simply involve 'being there' - providing a friendly ear to listen at a time of trouble. Good pastoral care will also include helpful times of prayer and Bible study as we together more of all that God has said to us through his Word.

Reverend Ian Fletcher


These are some of the teams/activities that we currently run in this area of church life:

Sue currently oversees the organisation of our pastoral teams. If you would like a visit from one of our team members or if you would like to become a team member please email Sue.

Susan Fletcher


Sandra Kneller

Home Visiting Coordinator

Jane Lunn-Rockliffe

Linda Pickering

Claire Bradford

Ian, Sandra and the team visit and sometimes take home communion to members of our church family that are housebound.


Revd. Ian Fletcher

Jane Lunn-Rockliffe

Every month Ian and his team lead a service at Fleming House. They also do  a few special one off services such as the carol service at Christmas. We would love for you to join us.


Currently this is just Ian but he would love someone to join him.

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