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  • Details on how to use ZOOM are at the bottom of this page

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  • For technical help, please send an email to Geoff or Mike

Recordings of Some Past Events

Quarantine Quiz 2

Quarantine Quiz 3

CTiE 10am Good Friday

Holy Communion for Mothering Sunday - 22nd March 2020

How to Join Us in Worship with Eastleigh Parish Church

We currently use something called ZOOM to facilitate most of our church events. Using ZOOM is quite straightforward. If you have problems, please get in touch with our technical support team (contact details are above).

  1. Find the service/meeting you are looking for (they're all at the top of this page in blue boxes.)

  2. Roughly 5 minutes before your service or meeting starts, click on the button that you want.

  3. Your computer/tablet/phone will ask if your want to 'open zoom'. Click 'yes' every time ZOOM wants to direct you somewhere.

  4. If you are using a tablet or phone, you might need to download the ZOOM app to make this work.

  5. When you enter the ZOOM page, you will begin to see people arrive. Feel free to play around with the various buttons to become familiar with this programme. We're all on a learning curve!

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