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No question should be off limits if we want to Know The Truth.

Click on a topic that interests you below, or send us your own question by emailing us here.

This first set of videos deal with some key questions for today

How can we know the Bible is true?

How could a loving God possibly allow so much suffering?

By kind permission of Kings Church Eastbourne & Seaford

'God' by Bible Project

How could any thinking person choose God over Science?

By kind permission of Kings Church Eastbourne & Seaford

Where is God in my depression?

How do we know Jesus was who he said he was?

If there's another question you'd like us to address, please get in touch to ask it by clicking here.

This next set of videos share some personal stories of the Christian faith

Dwayne: Experiencing God's love

The cure for guilt? A Hindu's story

An Iranian Jew & His Ill Child

If you've got questions about the Bible, we highly recommend you make use of the Zacharias Trust resources.

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