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"Shout for joy to the Lord, everyone on earth.
   Worship the Lord with gladness.
    Come to him with songs of joy."

Psalm 100:1–2

Are you an organist?

Our current organist Sam is moving soon, and we're looking for someone to lead worship from the organ and work with the choir. Click here for more details.

Under the leadership of our superb Organist and Choir Master, Sam Shackleton, EPC is blessed to have a wonderful traditional choir at our 9:30 service. If you're keen to join, please do drop Sam an email at He is an excellent teacher and is always willing to make new members feel very at home.

Our choir help us 'enter the place of praise' (see Psalm 100:4) and do this by providing a rich variety of sung worship, some of which has even been written by Sam and other members of the choir.

Welcome to the Virtual Choir!
A joint project with the Parish of St. Denys

Hear us sing Amazing Grace here

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