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As a church family, we believe it's important to encourage each other to grow in our relationships with God. That's why we meet weekly as small groups in homes around Eastleigh and the surrounding area.


On Sunday we hold two services and on Wednesday there's a mid-week communion service. See full details on our services page.


Choir Church Eastleigh Parish

Are you an organist or a singer? Come and sing/play with us, whether you've sung in a choir for years or only sing in the shower!


Jesus never asked us to simply believe in him (even the devil does that!), but he asked us to 'follow him'. One of things that Jesus was really committed to was praying & fasting. Find out more about how we can follow Jesus in this way here.


Children toys boat castle

We're delighted to have members of all ages in our church family. To help their growth, we run extra activites alongside our services and through the week for kids.


Worship cross people Jesus

We hold a youth group on Thursdays for senior school years. Speak to Ian, the Vicar, for more info.


There are many questions out there about faith and you may have a few yourself. Here are a variety of talks addressing the most common questions people have about the claims of Christianity. 


Alpha course Jesus learning bible

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation.


Normally, most of our events and services take place in the All Saints’ Church Building on the corner of Derby Rd. and Desborough Rd. SO50 5NH.  We also have another church building named St Francis' which is on Nightingale Ave, SO50 9JA. We regularly use the large grassy area outside this building for many of our events. Please keep an eye on the calendar page to keep up to date with all events / services.

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